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Corporate Social Responsibility

corporate social responsibility

Our mission is to build a sustainable business providing value to our customers, partners and stakeholders, while ensuring the integrity of our global supply chain and delivering on our commitment to make a positive impact to the industry, community and environment in which we operate.


We devote focus to developing and implementing responsible business practices across our global footprint, and have established systems and processes for continuous improvement in our operations. In 2012, we centralized the responsibilities under executive sponsorship and launched a cross-functional team to drive major initiatives to drive UTAC’s carbon footprint reduction.


In 2015, the cross-functional team held an EICC & Environmental Sustainability Summit to report the progress and pave the path for the next three years. Below are a few examples of the items we are measuring and our progress in these areas from Year 2012 to 2018.

UTAC Conservation Results 2012 to 2018

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