Through this form, you may ask questions relating to our Code of Conduct. You may also report any concerns or any allegations, potential violations of law or regulations or our Code of Conduct.

Please note that this form is anonymous, although we encourage you to identify yourself to facilitate any follow-up and response to your questions. Kindly note that we are unable to respond to you if your identity remains anonymous.

Open communication is critical to our success. Any concerns you report will be handled confidentially. UTAC will ensure that there will be no adverse work-related consequences as a result of any individual’s good faith reporting of possible violations of law, the Code of Conduct or other company guidelines, or who asks questions about on-going or proposed conduct. Individuals who believe they have experienced retaliation for reporting possible violations should contact respective UTAC Human Resources or Legal personnel.

UTAC Management takes all reports seriously, will investigate the matter, and take appropriate action.

Anonymous Communication Form

Anonymous Communication Via Web

If you wish to make a report / share your concerns relating to our Code of Conduct, please complete the below:

If you want to raise an issue, please include information such as the detailed description of the issue, type of issue, names of the individuals or organizations involved, dates and times, monetary values, etc.

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    Based on the information provided, we will investigate the issue and take appropriate action. If you want us to follow-up with you, let us know in the space above and we will respond. However, if you choose to remain anonymous, we will be unable to contact you and follow-up. To remain anonymous, do not enter your name or contact information.


    Anonymous Communication Via Post

    Alternatively, you may also contact us anonymously via post at the following mailing address in Singapore:

    Serangoon Garden Post Office
    P.O. Box 367