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UTAC is a leading independent provider of assembly and test services for semiconductor chips with diversified end-use applications such as: communication, consumer, computing, automotive, security, industrial and medical. We believe our diversity across end-markets positions us well to grow with the industry and significant benefit from the proliferation of connectivity between devices, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT).


As more devices become connected to the IoT, the need to safe guard information from cyber assaults is driving an increased demand for secure management of data. As a leading supplier of assembly and test services, UTAC plays a vital role in our customer’s manufacturing flow. Similar to quality initiatives, security compliance is regulated using industry standards and is administered at UTAC corporate level. 50% of UTAC’s factories have been site certified to EAL 6 standard ISO1540.


We integrate our service offerings to provide customers full-turnkey manufacturing solutions, including: wafer probe, wafer processing, assembly, test, black-box encryption and direct shipment as designated by our customers. Additionally, we have established service partners to enhance our value offerings and provide seamless support to customers which include Bump, FAN-In and FAN-Out WLCSP, 3D Embedded Substrate Manufacturing and Burn-In.


UTAC also provides a complete suite of engineering services inclusive of package design, reliability and failure analysis and test development.

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