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UTAC is a world leader in integrated circuits testing with more than 1,600 installed testers and a team of more than 300 experienced test engineers. Among full-service assembly and test providers, our test percent of revenue is the highest in the industry. UTAC has wafer sort and final test capability in every factory location to provide a full-turnkey product flow.


We have extensive experience and capability to support all semiconductor device types including analog, mixed signal, logic, memory, CMOS image sensors, accelerometer MEMS sensors, radio frequency (RF) for radar, near field communications (NFC) and other RFID devices . Our test solutions include wafer probe (ambient, hot and cold), security black box wafer level encryption, final test, O/S test, reliability testing and failure analysis.


At UTAC, the end-market applications we support, via our customers, include a complete range of automotive applications, mobile, IoT, medical, security banking and finance, security government and identity, computing, and industrial and consumer. Additionally, we have a centralized test development team providing development services to customers worldwide. Our test development engineers work closely with customers to reduce costs and streamline process flows by ensuring test programs are optimized with the most effective test coverage and enable the shortest test times.


  • Provide full turnkey and test solution for Logic, Mixed-signal, RF, Linear & Memory semiconductor testing.
  • Provide technical recommendation, planning and cost management solutions.
  • Develop test hardware & program up 3.6Ghz RF probing & 5.2Ghz for final test.
  • Perform device correlation & characterization. ( Please refer to Characterization )
  • Include program offload to UTAC production facility.
  • Provide test solution up to 300mm - Fine pitch & micro bumped wafers.
  • Developed probe card solution for DC to Full RF probing - Membrance, co-axial, blade & fine pitch probe card.
  • Provide high multisites testing solution - conversion from single to multisites.
  • Various type of wafersorting interface solution - performance & cost.
  • Provide development solutions for a wide range of devices including: Logic, Mixed-signal, RF, Linear & Memory semiconductor testing.
  • Develop high, multi-site testing capability on a variety of devices, including RF.
  • First silicon design test solutions for all end product applications, including:  WIFI, WiMax, HDMI, Serdes, Ethernet, MP3/4, Games, Graphics, processor & controller.
  • Deliver test conversion solutions which aid in improving test yield,  reducing cost and increasing throughput.
  • Experienced engineering team provides solutions for diverse tester/handler interface.
  • Experienced, centralized test development engineering.
  • Support development programs to customers worldwide.
  • Close collaboration with customers to optimize test programs.
  • Develop the most effective test coverage.
  • Enable the shortest test times.
  • Reduce costs and streamline process flows.
  • Support reliability, burn in, HTOL, HTOS services.
  • Silicon characterization include corner wafers & engineering sample.
  • Pilot production lots, determine/improving yield and test stability.
  • Provide rental engineering tester hours.

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