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Turnkey Solutions & Partners

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We integrate our service offerings to provide customers full-turnkey manufacturing solutions, including: wafer probe, wafer processing, assembly, test, black-box encryption and direct shipment as designated by our customers.

Additionally, we have established service partners to enhance our value offerings and provide seamless support to customers which include Bump, FAN-In and FAN-Out WLCSP, 3D Embedded Substrate Manufacturing and Burn-In.

Manufacturing Services

Full turnkey solutions, including wafer probing, wafer processing, assembly, testing and the direct shipment of semiconductors to users designated by our customers. Full range of IC packages and smart card module assembly, and smart card inlay.

Engineering Services

Package Design, Package Engineering, Test Engineering, Test Development, Reliability and Failure Analysis Engineering.

Strategic Supply Chain Partners

UTAC has established agreements with several IC Bump companies to provide seamless, complete turnkey backend solutions for Fan-In and Fan-Out WLCSP as well as Solder Pillar Bump for Flip Chip. This seamless solution begins with state-of-the-art Bump technology through UTAC Wafer Sort, End-of-Line Processing and Ship.

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BUMP Capability by Product Type
WLCSP Bump Capability Existing Technology 2018 2019

WLCSP Passivation

PI / PBO / Lot temp.

WLCSP solder alloy

SAC / Dopped SAC

UBM structure

With UBM

* 1P1M / 2P2M /3P2M 4P3M

UBM free

2P1M 1M1P

Solder ball size

Φ200 ~ 300um Φ150 < Φ100um

Ball pitch

≥ 250um ≥ 200um ≥ 160um

RDL Height (Max.)

≤ 23um ≤ 25um ≤ 30um

Metal (RDL) width (Min.)

< 15um H

10um 8um 6um

> 15um H

15um 12um 10um

Metal (RDL) pitch (Min.)

< 15um H

20um 18um 16um

> 15um H

30um 24um 20um
* 3P2M - 3 Passivation, 2 Metal (RDL)
Conventional bump / Cu Pillar Bump Capability Existing Technology 2018 2019

**Pillar Height (Cu + SnAg Cap)

10 ~ 80um

Pillar + solder cap height

50~80um Size (Min.) 40um  
Pitch (Min.) 80um
10~50um Size (Min.) 20um
Pitch (Min.) 40um

Conventional Solder bump Height (SnAg)

20um ~ 135um

Conventional Solder bump Height


Size (Min.) 80um 70um
Pitch (Min.) 120um 110um


Size (Min.) 55um 40um
Pitch (Min.) 85um 70um
    Color Key: Existing Technology On-Going Development Future Development

UTAC established joint marketing and supply chain agreement with leading supplier of embedded 3D chip technology. Starting at the design phase, we co-design the substrate and package to align with customer spec and manage the entire process from design to final test.

April 2015 - Joint marketing and supply chain agreement Between AT&S and UTAC for 3D SiP with embedded chip technology was established.

Strategic Supply Chain Partners

UTAC works with local burn-in companies to provide complete seamless burn-in services in support of the customers that still require burn-in for their products.

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