Packaging Capability and Assembly Services

Laminate Packages

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System in Packages (SiP)

With the ever increasing demand for a more cost effective form factor reduction, demand for SiP has also increased. UTAC offers various SiP solutions depending on our customer’s requirements by integrating various components in the package. These may include passive components, saw filters, prepackaged IC’s and EMI shieldings. UTAC is committed to provide the best SiP solution for our customer’s needs.


  • Cost effective SoC alternative
  • Reduced Package footprint
  • Allows mixed IC technologies that can be separately optimized
  • Design flexibility
  • Shorter development time and cost
  • Faster time to market

LGA-SiP (Multichip RF)


Special Components / P in P (CUF / MUF)

8-Die Stacking (0.9mm Mold Cap)


Conformal EMI Shielding

Packaging Options

  • Available in Laminate or Leadframe based packages
  • Multi Die Configuration (Side by side or Stacked wirebond die)
  • Passive component integration including WLCSP
  • Capability up to 01005 chip components with in line AOI inspection.
  • Package in Package option available, Flip Chip option
  • Solder Die Attached
  • Thermal Enhancement with Heatspreader option
  • EMI Sputtering Conformal Shielding

eMMC (embedded multimedia card)

USB/ UDP Driver



BGA (Ball Grid Arrays / Land Grid Arrays)

UTAC offers various versions of BGA packages either in array, pocket molded or dam and fill configurations.

Package Features:

  • Material Construction of BT or Polyimide tape
  • Thru hole or build up multilayer construction
  • 0.40, 0.50, 0.65,0.80,1.00 and 1.27mm pitch available
  • Halogen free and RoHS compliant bill of materials
  • Various solder alloy for standard and leadfree applications


System in Packages (SiP)

5 die stacked, (0.8mm mold)


Package Options:

  • Stacked Die, Multi die side by side or Package Stacking,
  • Gold or AuPd/Pd/Cu Wire
  • Flip Chip die
  • Thermal Enhancement with heatspreaders, thick copper, thermal conductive mold compounds.
  • Shielded BGA’s
  • Land Grid Arrays
Package Body Size Ball Count Ball Pitch
BGA 9×9 to 40x40mm 64 to 622 1.00 to 1.50mm
FBGA 3×3 to 21x12mm 16 to 625 0.40 to 0.80mm
LGA 1.5×1.0 to 15x15mm 6 to 144 0.4 to 1.27mm

Note: Please check with UTAC Sales team for any package variations not in the list