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Wafer Level Packages

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UTAC now offers and is able to deliver full turn-key solution in Singapore.

With our wide range of 300mm RDL/ Wafer Bumping services, we are now a single island solution provider.

UTAC Singapore Bumping Facility

  • UTAC owned since 1 Jan 2021
    • Completed purchase of all WLCSP bumping assets on Jan1, 2021
    • All existing bumping / support employees and its management team joined UTAC, bringing with them 5-10 years of bumping experience
    • Fully automated production with MES and ERP system, in operation since 2006
    • Mass production yield >99.8%
    • On Time Delivery rate >99%
  • Product
    • 300mm wafer bumping – Solder Bump, Copper Pillar Bump, Ti/Cu/Cu RDL (including option for thicker PBO of 9μm)
    • WLCSP – Ball drop
  • Capacity
    • 12-14k wafers per month
    • Able to expand to 35k wafers per month
    • Clean room: 4,700 m2
    • Class 100 1st Floor – Lithography and Dry processes
    • Class 1K 2nd Floor – Plating and Wet Etch processes
Process Type Solder Bump
(Lead Free)
Cu Pillar Bump
(Lead Free)
(Ball Drop)
Wafer Size 300mm
Incoming Wafer Thickness ≥ 500um
Bump Pitch (Array) ≥ 130um ≥ 35um ≥ 200 um
Bump Structure Ni/SnAg
SACxxx, LFxx
Bump material grade Ultra Low Alpha grade available Multi grades available
UBM Structure Sputtered: Ti/Cu Sputtered: Ti/Cu Sputtered: Ti/Cu
Plated UBM: Cu
Min Technology
Nodes (Qualified)
28nm 16nm 16nm
Passivation Material PI or PBO
Redistribution L/S: 8/8um
Cu RDL thickness: 10um
Min. Bump Size /
Height (Production)
90um / 65um 45um / 60um 227um / 157um
These are qualified and/or in production. Beyond this requires feasibility assessment. Details of capabilities to be verified based on customer requirement.

WLCSP Solution – 2P2M + BM

  • 2 PBO + 1 Cu RDL + 1 Cu UBM + Ball Mount
  • RDL : Ti /Cu /Cu
  • UBM: Ti /Cu /Cu
  • Solder Ball: SAC405 (Std) or LF35
  • Ball Pitch 300~500 um
Typical Layer
Thicker PSV
Option (um)
PBO1 7.5 9.0
RDL Trace/ Pad Plated Cu 4 5
PBO2 7.5 9.0
UBM Pad Plated Cu 8-10

Note: Thicker Cu RDL/UBM can be supported. Will review on case-by-case basis PI can be used as alternative to PBO

Wafer Level Packages

Wafer level services are available in various UTAC manufacturing locations. We support 200 / 300mm wafers up to 28nm ULK wafer nodes. UTAC can support a wide range of package sizes with bump pitch of 250um for a 150um bump diameter. Backside Surface Protection is an available option for our customers. We offer full turnkey solution from bumping/ball drop/RDL, wafer probing, packaging to drop shipment arrangements. UTAC has in house second level reliability testing to support customer’s qualification requirements.


  • Die size from below 1x1mm
  • Backside Surface Protection option is available
  • Capable to process ULK devices up to 28nm wafer technology

28nm WLCSP/BGA (min Si thickness : 250um)

Technologies Existing
Wafer Size 8in, 12in
Wafer Tech Node 65nm/40nm/28nm Low k
Wafer Notch Design V-Notch
Die Size 0.45 mm – 7 mm
Die Thickness 200um (12in-Bump) / 185um (8in-Bump) / 100um (12in-No Bump) / 150um (12in-bump ; In-line BG)
Wafer Backgrind Stand Alone, In-line with Dry polishing / Z2 – #8000 Mesh
Saw Street Processing 62um (LG&MS), 50um (MS)
WLP Protection – BSP 25um thickness
– IR/Non IR BSP Tape
– 2-in-1 Tape for Thin Wafer (<250um Si)
Fan-out WLP
Wafer Laser Mark – Wafer ID Marking
– XY Coordinate Marking
– Alpha Marking
– Mark Through Tape
AOI – Sawn and Un-sawn wafer inspection
Wafer Singulation Mode and Inspection Metrology – Mech. Saw
– Wafer level IR inspection (IR tape)
– Laser groove (U-Groove &/Pi Cut) + Mech. Saw
– LG beam size control (8.5+/- 0.5um)
Tape & Reel (PnP & Testing Integration) and Inspection Metrology – Automated 5-sided (5S) inspection
– Integrated Open/Short Test with 5S inspection
– Dual Bin capable
– Integrated Unit Laser Mark (Thin wafer)
– Enhanced Post Seal Inspection (ePSI)
– Full Functional SDT with 5S
– 2D Barcode Marking & Inspection
– MPW Processing
Reliability Monitoring Reel to Reel Automated 5-sided Inspection
Reel to Reel Full Functional Test